Meat Cooking Lesson:


It’s possible to organize the cooking lesson during the week and as start time is recommended at 10:00 am or at 15:30 pm.

When the customers arrives will be served a welcome aperitif.

After we will give all customers cooking aprons and hats. The chefs will explain and demonstrate

for each course dressing and sauces, cooking times, cuts of meat etc etc. All customers will prepare themself the "fettuccine" pasta and all the condiments as the Alfredo’s sauce and amatriciana sauce, then they continue with the Roman saltimbocca and as dessert the tiramisu.



Fettuccine with Alfredo sauce

Rigatoni with Amatriciana sauce

Saltimbocca in Roman style

Baked potatoes

Mixed salad

Tiramisu dessert


Drinks included

€ 45.00 per person